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David Leverett is an amateur photographer who is currently working towards achieving an BA (Hons) in Photography. Despite being new to photography he has always maintained a creative streak through his work and hobbies.

For over twelve years he taught students aged three to eighteen and has often needed to call upon his trusted and most valuable asset, his creative side. Each time he steps in the classroom he aims to inspire and motivate his student through engaging content and approaches, a trait he hope carries over into his photographic work. Teaching he believe has many similarities to photography.

He knows a good teacher lets his students do the talking, a mantra he hopes carries over to his photographic work. While enjoying long solitary walks through the city, he gives the places around him time to speak to him, he listens then reacts. While he might know how to teach English he would say he is still very much a student when it comes to understanding the language of the photograph. The power they have to makes us happy or sad, engage an audience, start a discussion or even tell a story. The characteristics of image, he believes is not too dissimilar to what a teachers does or at least should do in the classroom.

He would also compare spending time with a classroom full of students to time spent in new surroundings. The more time you put in, the more patience you have, the more they give back. His latest project Wuhan, Different Every Day aims to investigate this by taking a popular topic in urban development and demonstrating how over time, you just might discover there’s more to the development of the city than just its extremes.