David Leverett is an amateur photographer who is currently working towards achieving an BA (Hons) in Photography. Despite being new to photography he has always maintained his creative streak through his work and passions.

As a teacher of students aged three to eighteen for over ten years he has often called upon and trusted his most valuable asset throughout his career, his creative side. The goal being to inspire and motivate his student through engaging content and approaches every time a class begins. Teaching also requires a huge a mount of patience and dedication all valuable attributes which carry over to everything he does.

Outside of the class he almost is a mirror of his teaching persona. Solitary walks are common places away from the noise of the classroom, a moment to observe, listen, digest and reflect. He would tell you the simple act of observing is his greatest passion. Cultivated in the hills of Oxfordshire he now walks the streets of Wuhan, China observing and reflecting on the complex culture and new surroundings that still fascinate him everyday. A long cry from the quiet lanes of rural England he simple picks up his camera and walks. To him the camera is simply an extension of the eyes, a tool to capture the ever changing landscape around him. From things worth remembering to events and places worth documenting, all invigorated by the opportunity to test his creativity. Its this opportunity that brings him back, that no day is the same and no moment is repeated, making it possible to take a walk at any given time and see something new.

On one such day he met a man who came up and said ”hello” in English to him. Switching to Chinese most of which David didn’t understand he began showing him drawings his students had made. This man for no reason allowed a stranger into his life and that of his students. Noticing the camera, he encouraged photographs to be taken, after which he just went upon his way. A single wonderful act, yet a fleeting moment that only came about because I decided to walk in that particular direction at that exact time. Just one of many stories that motivates him to keep going out the door.